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1986 18 years old abandoned about abstract abstract fluffy seed heads abundance abundant acorn adventure afternoon age air allotments alone amber america american angel anniversary antenae antenna antennae anticipation aqua arched arches arching around arriving art artwork ascend ascending asleep asleep sleep astonish astonished at peace attached attention audience autumn autumnal awake away awe baby background balance balancing ball balloon band bangles banks barbed bare bare feet bark barrier barriers bars baskets beach beach hut beach huts beak beams beard beat beatle beautiful beauty bed bed time bedside bedside table bee bees beetle beg beige believe bells bench bend bending berries best best friends beyond bicycle big ears bike billow bird birds birth birthday bite biting black black and white black cat black green black top black warm blackberries blanket blankets bleached blocks blond bloom blooming blooms blossoms blow blowing blowy blue blue sky bluebells boards boat boats bob bobbing bobble book boots bottle bound boundary bouquet bouquets bow bow tie box boy boyfriend bracken brambles branch branches branches red brave break break water breath breeze brick bricks bridal bride bridesmaids bridge bright bring britain brother brown brown eyes brown hair bubbles bud buddy buds building bump bumps bunch bunches bundle bunting burgundy burst bush bushes busy buttercups butterflies butterfly buttonhole buttonholes buttons bye cafe cairn calm calmness canal canopy cap caps captured car cardboard carpet carry carrying cartoons carved cascades castle cat catch caterpillar catkins caught celebrate celebration celebrations cellophane centre centres chain chair challenge challenging champagne change changing chase chasing chew chewing child children chill chilled chilling chilly chimney chimneys christmas church churn circle circles clap clean cleaning clear cliffs cloak clock close up closed closed eyes closeup cloth cloud clouded cloudless clouds cloudy clutch coast coastal coat coins cold collar collect collection colour colours comb come comfortable coming commands commitment common community companion companionship compete competing competition competitor complex eyes concentrate concentrating concentration confused conker connect connection content contrast cool coombe hill cork corn cornish cornwall cosy cottage country countryside couple cover covered covering cowslips crash crashing cravat crawl crawling cream created creeper crescent crimson crisp crops cross cross processed crossed crosses crowd crowds cuddle cuff links cup curl curled curls curtains curve curved curves cushion cushions cut cute cutlery daisies daisy damp dancing dandelion dandelions danger dapple dappled dare dark daughter dawn day time daydream daydreaming days dead decay decide decisions dedication defence defences defending delicate deluge descending deserted destination destress determination devotion dew diagonal diagonals different different from dignity dinner dip dipping direction discover discovery distance disturb do dog dogs door doors doors opening doorway dots downwards drawing dream dreaming dreams dress dresses dried dried grass drift drop droplets drops drums dry drying dunes duvet dwarf e eager early ears earth eat eating eaves edge effort eighteen eighteenth elder elderly embedded empty enclose encouragement endless energy engagement england english enjoy envelopes erosion escape evening everywhere excite excited excitement exciting exclamation expect expectation expectations expecting explaining explanation explore eye eyeliner eyes f1 face faded fair fall falling falls family farm fast favourite feather feathers feathery feet fence fence post fences fencing field fields figures fill fingers fins fir trees fire fishing fishing boat five five petals fixed fizzy flab flag flags flames flapping flat flight flirt float floating floaty flood floor florets flow flower flowering flowers flowing fluff fluffy fluffy clouds flute flutter fluttering fly flying foam focus focusing fog folded follow food foot prints forest forests forever forgotten formal dress forth forward forwards found four fox frame free freezing fresh fresh air friend friendly friends friendship frightening fringe frost frosted frosty frozen fruit full fun funfair fungi fur furrows furry future game games gang garden garden snail gate gates gathered gathering gaze gazing ghosts giant gift ginger girl girlfriend girls glance glance. glancing glass glasses glazed glow gnaw gnawing goal going gold golden goldfish good good weather goodbye gorgeous graffiti grand graphic graphics grass grass hopper grasses grasshopper grassland grasslands great britain green green brown green caterpillar green shaded greet greeting grey grin grind grinding grinning grins groom groud ground group group hug groups growing growth guard guest guests guide guitar gull gulls hair hairs hairy half circle hand hands hanging happiness happy harbour hard hat haze hazy head headdress headland hear heart hearts heartshaped heat heather hedge hedgerow hedges held hello hexagon hidden hide hiding high high contrast high rise high tide high up hill hills hillside hilltop hold holding holiday holidays home honey hooves hope hopeful hopes horizon horn horned horns horse horse chestnut horseshoe hot hotel hounds house houses hover huddle hug huge hugs huts ice iced icey identical imagination imagine important in incinerator individual informal innocent inquisitive insect insert inside inspiration inspirational quote inspiring inspiring words instrument interest interesting invitation iridescent irises island islands isolated isolation it jacket jagged japanese jeans jetty jewels journey joy joyful judge judging kids kind king kingdom knives knot knots know koi l labels labrador labradors lace laden ladies lady lake landscape lap lapping late laugh laughing lay in layers lazy lead leader leaf lean leaning leans leash leave leaves leaving left legs let go letter letters levels lie life light lighthouse lights line lines listen listening little legs little things loaves lobster locked locked up log logo logs london london eye lonely long long eyelashes longing look look back look up looking looking up lost lots love love is everything love letter loving low key low tide lucky lurcher lying main majestic man mane many marble marriage married masses matching mate mates mauve meadow meadows meal meander meditate meditation melt melting memorial memories memory message metal miss mist mists misty monochrome moody moon morning moss moth mountains mouth mouths move mucky mud muddy mug multitude multitudes mushrooms music musical musicians muted muzzle nails nap nature navy nectar needing needy negro neon neverending new baby new year newborn night nose not notice nuts o oak oaks obedient ocean odd one out of ola old tree older one only open opportunities opportunity optimism options orange organised oriental out of season outfits outline outside over looking overcome overgrown overlook overlooking pack paddle paddling paint painted painting pale pale green pale sun pals pant panting paper papers parallel parasol parched parchment park partners pass by passing passion passionate past pasture path paths pathway patience pattern patterns pause pavement paw paws peace peace quiet peaceful peak peaking peal pealing pebble pebbles peninsula peninsular pensive people performer perfume perfumes petal petals photographic art photography pianist piano pigeon pile pillow pillows pine trees pines pink pink rocks pink tongue pink. yellow place planks plant plants plastic play play mate playing ploughed earth pods point pointed pollen polo shirt pony pool pop poppy porch portrait portugal portuguese posies posing positive possibilities posts posy pot pour poured preen preening preparations prepared present pretend pretty pride prints problems proboscis profile propeller proposal propped protect protected protection protectors proud puddle puddles pull pulled pulling pump pumpkin pup puppies puppy purple pushed quarter quay quayside question quiet quirky race racing rail rails rain rain drops rainbow rainclouds raindrop raindrops raining rainy rays reach reaching read reading ready rebirth reception recline reclining recover rectangles red reeds reflect reflecting reflection reflections refresh relax relaxed relaxing remember remembering repeat repetition rest resting resting. sleep retirement retreiver return returning ribbon ring ringlets rings ripen ripened ripening ripples rise river river side rivulets roar rock rocks rocky rolling roof roots rope rose roses rosy round rounded row rubble rug run run down running rural rush rushes rushing rust sad safe safety sag sail sailing sails saint george same sand sand dunes sands sandy satin saunter save sax saxophone scarf scary scent scents sea sea view seagull seagulls seaside seat seated seaweed secret see seed seed head seed heads seedpod seeds seep semi circle sentinel sentinels sepia sepia. love sequins serene serenity serious set sets settings shack shade shadow shadows shape share sharing sharp shed sheep sheet sheets shell shelter shift shifting shine shining shiny shire shirt shoe shoes short shoulders showers shred shut shutters shy shyness sides siesta sign signpost silence silhouette silhouettes silver similar similar to similarities similarity simple simplified sing singe singer singing single single alone sister sisters sit sit down sitting sitting one six skateboarders skateboarding sketch skies skirt sky slanted slats sleep sleep. sleeping sleeping sleepy slope slow slow down sluice smell smells smile smiles smiley smiling smoke smoke tree smoky snail snails sneaker snooze snoozing snore snoring snow snowfall snowy snuggle sofa soft soil solitude solo son song sooth sound sounds space spaniel spaniels sparkle sparkling spheres spider spiked spikes spiral spirals spirit spirits spiritual splash split splits splitting spokes spot spots spotted spray spread spring spring time sprng squared squares stack stacked stage staircase stairs stallion stamens stand standing stands stare staring status stay steady steam step steps stick sticks stile still still empty stillness stone stones stop stop change stopped store storm storm clouds stormy story straight stranded straw strawberries stream street street lamps strength stress stretch stretched string strip stripe striped stripes stroll structure study studying stump suit summer summit sun sun down sunbathing sunbeams sundown sunflower sunflower seeds sunglasses sunhat sunlight sunny sunrise sunset sunshine support surf surfer surfers surfing surprise surrounding swan sweet sweet dreams swell swim swimming sycamore symbol table tag tags tail tails talk tall tangle target tartan tassel tassle tattoo tea team teddies teddy teenagers teeth tennis terrier tests tether tethered texture thatched thaw thawing the same as things think thinking thought thoughtful thoughts thousands threatening three thunder tide tidy tied ties tight tiles time time out tint tiny tipping tire tired to toadstool toadstools toasty toes together tongue tools tooth top top hat tops towards town towpath track trail trailer trainer training tranquility tranquillity transparent trapped travel tray treat treats tree tree trunk trees trek trekking triangles trio trolley trot truck trumpets trunk trunks trust trusting tug tugging tugs tumbler tummy turn turns turquoise turrets twigs twine twines twins twist twists two umbrella umbrellas under undergrowth understand undulating unfolding union jack unique unique stationary uniqueness unpredictable unripe up up and down upside down upwards ushers v valley vantage vegetable patch veined veins velvet veranda vibrant victorious victory video village vine vines violet virgin visit visitor vivid wag wagging wait waiting waiting wait wake wake up walk walkies walking walkway wall want warm warmed warming warmth warrior watch watching water water plants waterbreak waterfall waters waterway wave waves wavey waving wavy way weathered weave weaving wedding wedding day weeds weekend welcome welcoming wet what wheel wheel barrow wheelbarrow whiskers whisper whistle white white blaze white centres white dresses white out wide wild win wind wind brakes winding window windows windy wine wings winner winter wintry wire wish wishes woman wonder wood wood floor wooden woodland woodlands woods wool woollen work world worn worried worrying wound wrap wrapped wrapped up wrapping wrinkles writing yellow yellow orange you young youngsters zenith zigzags zip zipper
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