Dog Gone for Sausages - Kim Worthington Photography

He MIGHT seem like a little angel, however Smuggler - my sister's dog, a Cairn Terrier - has a mind of his own.

I often take him along with my two spaniels on walks to Wendover Woods, where I usually spend time strolling through the beautiful scenery, breathing in the earthy scents and allowing the sights and sounds to invoke a sense of well-being.  Not today!

Smuggler decided when the rest of us turned left, that he would turn right - and take himself off to the Cafe in the Woods to see if there were any spare sausages going.

After an hour of searching for him, shouting his name like a foghorn and dragging my two behind me on leads, we finally came round for the third time to the cafe, where some highly respectful teenagers had him on a lead. Thank God!!!! I am NOT in a good mood!!!!

Smuggler however is fine, and now wrapped in a blanket, sound asleep.

Out for the Count

Out for the Count

Sleeping terrier

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