My name is Kim Worthington. I have studied photography as a mature student in the 1990s at Reading University and am privileged to have taught students through the world. 

I was given my first camera by my grandfather when I was a child. My father was always taking photographs with his box camera. He and I photographed the family - on important days - and everyday days. My children got used to being photographed. Even though they suffer it for my sake at times :D. I discovered my passion was looking at nature through the lens. Seeing the small details that may be missed in all our rushing about. The act of looking carefully allows me to see the miraculous form of living things. It is truly amazing to me. 

And now, with the advent of digital photography and social media, there are so many people wanting to photograph their world. This will, in time, I am certain, give us an amazing ability to look back on these times with greater understanding than at any other time. 

It is a recorder of our time. For me it is my art - my expression - my connection with life. 

Photography is my joy - daily. 

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