This Way Up Photographic Art and Cards

Welcome all you lovely people!

I take photography that encourages us to slow down, take a breather; make us smile. Additional interest is created in some of the images by combining pictures and words to transport us away to a land of imagination.

If you are like me and want to be outdoors in nature, connecting with the serenity and beauty of it, then these images are for you. 

If you are looking for a specific thing, please email me or send me a message on Facebook ( 

You can order prints; canvases, acrylics, frames - take a look through the Products page. 

The way it works is to find your favourite photograph; select the product you would like, then the size you want.  

The order process includes a screen where the size of the product you select is displayed as a shape over the image, which you can crop, so it is just the way you like too.

I would love you to add your comments under the images, as you go. That way I can provide more of what you would like to see.

Thanks for visiting. If you like my work, please share. If I can do better, tell me - thanks Kim 

Some Ideas for Home & Work

Wall Art, Table Art & Print Galleries

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All photographs are the intellectual property of Kim Worthington, photographer and owner of this site

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